Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my house in a magazine?

Magazines rely on freelance journalists like me to source eye-catching and interesting ‘homes’ stories, so I‘m always looking for beautiful properties to fill their pages. If you’d like your home to be considered, please email me some initial photos showing the key rooms - kitchen, bathroom, living areas and bedrooms - with a bit of information about yourself and what you’ve done to your home. I’ll be in touch to let you know if I think it has potential.

How do magazines decide which homes to feature?

All types, styles and sizes of homes are considered – editors are looking for creativity, originality and design flair rather than a perfect showhouse. The editorial teams hold regular meetings to review the initial photos sent in by freelance writers and photographers like us. Timing can be important – they might be focussing on summery or autumnal homes, or planning a theme like vintage, seaside, clever storage, family-friendly etc. so we try to keep that in mind when submitting suggestions. If we submit your house and it gets the ‘thumbs-up’ we’ll contact you straightaway.

What happens next?

We’ll arrange a convenient date with you for the shoot and interview. On the day, Colin may bring a few props including fresh fruit, veg, cakes etc to pop on the kitchen surfaces, and also perhaps flowers for living rooms or bedrooms, but we’ll discuss this with you beforehand. Our interview can be done on the shoot day as well, or by phone at another time.

How long does the shoot take?

The photography takes a day. You don’t have to be around all the time if you have things to do at home, or need to pop out for a bit. You will need to be in a photo – this occasionally makes people nervous but don’t worry! It’s usually a relaxed ‘doing’ shot in the kitchen or living room.

Can the article mention my business?

The article will be primarily about your home/renovation/interior style, but within that, most magazines are happy to mention relevant businesses and credit interiors-related products such as accessories, furniture etc.

Will I have to pay?

No. The magazine pays us a fee to produce the photography and copy for them, and there are no extra costs for you.

Will you photograph every room?

We would need to shoot the core rooms, which are the kitchen, living room, bathroom and at least two bedrooms. If you have other lovely spaces like a stylish hall, attractive study or smart dining room we would probably like to include those too.

Will my name and address be published?

Your name will appear, but we can discuss using an alternative, such as a maiden name, if you wish. Your address is not given. There is a vague mention of the location, eg. town or county name. There is usually just one small exterior shot of the house, which can be taken from the back of the property if you wish.